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A Sports bar for every type of fan.

We love banter and high-fives as much as the next fan here at Sportys Bar + Arena. And the good news is, you don’t need to physically be at the game to experience the thrill of rooting for your favourite teams (or worse – forced to watch someone else’s) – you can witness all the live action right here in our award winning Sports Bar!

No matter your game-day priorities—whether you know your team’s stats by heart or barely know who’s playing, whether you’re a foodie or a social chatterbox – Sportys Bar + Arena is that fan-approved home base that fits to your ‘sports-watching’ style.

Our brand new outdoor screen or four dedicated sports ‘lounges’ – each with independent sound systems are perfect for watching with a big group, or just a few close mates if you’re looking to set up a private cheer squad section.

Not a sports nutter? That’s okay, we love a good social scene (and beers) and warmly welcome all the not-exactly-hardcore-sports-fans into our abode as well. Feel free to watch the game of the hour out of the corner of your eye (or not at all) while you chat at the bar, sip on a martini or shoot a game of pool.

 Open 11am daily // Serving up grub 11am – 1